Building Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are used to supply fresh clean air throughout a building. They control the temperature whilst ensuring the quality of indoor air. A good ventilation system removes harmful airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, dust, moisture and smoke from the atmosphere.

A broken or neglected ventilation system can have severe consequences on the quality of air within the building. Unfiltered air can contaminate an entire building, and can affect the health of the occupants.

We offer a free inspection to identify the condition of the systems. We then make recommendation regarding any cleaning or repair works required. Due to the systems being hidden away in ceiling voids etc. it is virtually impossible to know the condition of the system without a proper professional survey.

Detecting signs of contamination within the ductwork systems is usually evident through signs of discolorations or debris located around the louvre or grille. This is a dead giveaway that a form of contamination has taken root within the system and requires attention.

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