The Clean Up – Are you prepared to return to your workplace?


What a strange few month’s we’ve all experienced. Now it’s time for a late Spring Clean!

With more information being released from the Government relating to the reopening of businesses across the UK in the near future and as companies start to look towards the future, we are getting more and more requests for our services.

Enviroduct has remained functional throughout lockdown, continuing to provide essential maintenance and services to efficiently sanitise domestic and commercial spaces, protecting both client’s homes and businesses against Covid-19.

Our staff are taking additional measures to ensure we maintain social distancing and we will use appropriate PPE on visits as needed. We recently carried out a kitchen canopy extract clean at a high school in Oxford along with working on a multi-chain restaurant group for their kitchen and extract deep cleans, in preparation for their proposed reopening in July.

clean cleaning onsite

We are here to help you and ensure your working environment is as safe as possible for both your staff and customers, as you may be looking to reopen in the near future.

Now is the time for preparing for the transition back to work, reopening after a period of closure or limited opening. With that preparation comes new considerations around health and safety.

It’s likely that with the outbreak of Covid-19 that compliance and regulations around the maintenance and requirements of cleaning equipment, machinery or ductwork will change in the future. Take time to prepare and plan, consider both the short and long term benefits of investing in a cleaner, safer workplace.

Now is the best possible time to ensure your business is ready to welcome back your workforce with safety in mind.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements for a deep clean, extract clean or any duct maintenance, please contact us here or call 03300 563 882.