ESP Cell Cleaning

Over the past few years most newly fitted extract systems are starting to have a large number of different types of filtration systems installed. One type of filtration system that is commonly used are Electrostatic Participator (ESP’s).

What is an ESP?

ESP’s are installed on your system to reduce the amount of grease building up in your extract system, they reduces the smoke outtake from the extract point this then may also reduce the amount of time required to clean the system. The main advantage of this type of filtration system helps components like the fan from being heavily deposited with grease which helps prolong the life of it, if you have an extract point that’s also near built up residential areas, its stops smoke from being extracted around these areas. Keeping these regular cleaned will do this.

We are finding a lot of new clients have these are not aware of them, what they do, and that they need regular maintenance.

Enviroduct are able to offer a full cleaning maintenance contracts, we are able to collect the ESP Cell from site, clean them correctly and safely, and then bring them back to site. We are able to carry this out to any type of brand of ESP, including Rydair and Purified Air.

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