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Will you be reopening your business soon?

cleaning air duct

Since our last blog, there’s been quite a few changes!

The Government has announced that several business types will be allowed to reopen from this coming Saturday, the 4th of July.

You may have already started planning to welcome customers and staff back to your premises in the near future.

With more businesses looking to reopen their doors in the coming weeks, we’ll see more people visiting establishments than we have in recent months.

We wanted to highlight the value around ensuring your premises are thoroughly cleaned before welcoming customers and staff back.

What are Industry Experts Advising?


The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has issued information which highlights that there will be a greater focus on ventilation hygiene and regulations as buildings begin to reopen in the near future.

With many industries being hit hard financially, companies may be looking to reduce costs and skip or reduce cleaning. However, it’s important to understand the need for specialist cleaning services not only in terms of avoiding re-circulation of poor-quality air but also to minimise risk of fire.

“BESA publishes the ventilation hygiene industry guide to good practice TR19 – and recently added a specification aimed specifically at kitchen extract cleaning. ‘TR19 Grease’ includes a schedule explaining the link between the frequencies of cleaning required and the average daily build-up of deposits in the extract system to help manage fire risks.

The chair of BESA’s Ventilation Hygiene group told the webinar that building managers should also take similar care of their supply air ventilation systems as occupancy levels start to rise again.”

The National Association of Air Duct Specialists in the UK has also issued guidance which stresses the importance of ensuring that your ventilation systems are serviced and cleaned due to the current pandemic.

Along with machinery and equipment deep cleans, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance is one of Enviroduct’s specialist areas.

A neglected ventilation system can have severe consequences which impact the quality of the air within a building, meaning unfiltered air may contaminate an entire building, putting the health and safety of those inside at risk.

There is an awful lot for businesses to be considering at the moment, a lot of which is alien to us.

Adding HVAC services and deep cleans into the mix may seem overwhelming but should be just as high a priority as providing hand sanitiser to anyone entering your building.

What are the benefits of maintaining your HVAC units?


• A clean supply of air indoors keeps those in your building healthy, resulting in less sickness amongst staff or visitors

• Provides a greener environment, by reducing pollution

• Regular maintenance reduces costs of running, resulting in a more efficient system and reduced need for repairs

• You may have a contractual obligation to ensure your HVAC systems are properly serviced and maintained


How does Enviroduct help with cleaning your premesis?


• We provide a free inspection onsite, with full PPE, to review the condition of the systems.

• We can provide inspections outside of usual opening hours to minimise disruption to the running of your business

• The inspection is thorough, most systems are hidden away where you wouldn’t be able to gauge the cleaning required without a professional survey

• We identify if any contamination is present and if any cleaning or repairs are required

• Using specialist equipment, the systems are then cleaned and decontaminated and we will recommend how frequently these need servicing.

If you’re concerned about whether your systems could be impacting on your health and safety compliance or insurance validity and if you’d like to discuss any of our services from deep cleans to HVAC, equipment, machinery or ductwork, you can do so by calling 03300 563 882.

Now is the best possible time to ensure your business is ready to welcome back your workforce, clients and customers, with safety in mind.